When you ask an IT company for IT support, that's not what you really want. What you want is a way to improve your business, to generate revenue or to help your colleagues work faster.

By redefining IT support, we can do just that.

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More than IT Support, more than IT Services


"Fast, efficient, cost effective and friendly would be how I would describe Purple Lattice. In particular, Raul and Tsering have been excellent at looking after our fast growing team - appearing at the drop of a hat to sort out both minor issues and the larger tasks associated with the upgrade and implementation of our IT infrastructure. Always polite and accurate, we have yet to find a problem that they cannot solve. All in all, an excellent service for a fair price. We would not go anywhere else."
William Garvey - LEYTON


Could your IT support be better?

You've searched all over London for an IT support company that knows about business. A London-based IT consultancy that really gets it. An IT consultancy that knows how to use IT to improve your business or to generate revenue.

At Purple Lattice, based in Ealing, West London, we do just that, by redefining what IT support means.

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It goes like this. You're probably a small to medium-sized London business. You don't want to pay a fortune for IT support. You also want to deal with a small, friendly consultancy that puts the customer first.

You're into communication and you like it when your IT consultancy gets to know your business and how many sugars you take in your coffee. You love it when your small, friendly IT company has big technologies in place to fix your problems more efficiently.

And all the better when they're delivered quickly by Microsoft- and Cisco-certified engineers who truly understand customer service. Who can even work remotely and who care about personal hygiene.

However we work, the upshot is maximum uptime – so your business stays in the game and you maximise your profits.

If we sound like your kind of IT support consultancy, call us today on 0 333 666 9992 or use our contact page.

Satisfation Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

We offer a money back guarantee for our response times and also for keeping our promises. If we say we are going to do something then we do it. If we don't then you get slightly richer.

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Server and PC virtualisation

VirtualistaionWhy have a dishwasher, toaster, microwave and washing machine, when you can have one machine that does it all? Same applies to your servers. It's goofy stuff, but we'll show you how. Provide biscuits and we'll even do it for you.


Anti VirusThese days, it's all cloud this and cloud that. It's pretty overcast up there. But every cloud has a silver lining and this is yours: your IT staff get their time freed up for better stuff, while your servers take a well-earned tea break.

Online backup

Online backupRemember the days when trousers were so wide they occupied two postcodes? Taped backup is as out of date as a pair of 1976 bellbottom trousers. Let us get your data safely stored offsite, somewhere nice. It's like a little holiday for your data.


EmailWe keep your business up in the air so much, we should be professional jugglers. This is email with wings – email that's as constantly available as reality TV. But hopefully eight times more rewarding.


Business ContinuityDowntime sounds so downbeat. Whereas uptime is, well, upbeat. Let's keep your business up and doing business, so you don't get down in the mouth. Up, up and away.