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Creating and supporting true digital workplaces


To remain competitive, businesses in the City of London need to be able to carry out end to end business processes faster and with greater connectivity and control.

This is the only way to have total business visibility, to manage every aspect of your operations and to reinforce your ambitious growth plans.

To do this, you need IT services in London that support an authentic digital workplace.

Purple Lattice has the expertise to build and maintain digital workplaces that match the specific business goals and functionality of London organisations.


Digital workplaces to improve and grow your business


Having constantly improving IT in your digital workplace is the only way to create agile and lean businesses in London. Information is power and enables you to eliminate waste, building productivity and maintaining a competitive edge.

Our IT services London-wide will offer the best possible tech support to connect people across your organisation – including anyone working remotely. We provide advanced but affordable systems for data sharing and collaboration, to realise the full potential of your workforce, as well as your data sets.

The best IT support in London and a true digital workplace also means configuring your devices, software and Cloud platforms to provide uninterrupted data flow.

Purple Lattice provides IT support London-wide for updating or replacing systems for greater data visibility: from stock control to measuring customer satisfaction with your products and services, as well as drilled down data for forensic and predictive purposes.

Purple Lattice’s IT services in London ensure that your digital workplace is compliant with legislation too – including the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

Having intuitive and responsive IT support in London means round the clock help to keep your digital workplace working as it should. A partnership with Purple Lattice means knowing you can call on us any time to help with migrating to new systems, or keeping your existing digital workplace on track to achieve profitable growth.


So…are you looking for affordable IT support London Services, professional PC Support London companies or simply for genuine, expert IT consultancy London professionals? If your business is based in the City of London and you’re looking for reliable, cost-effective IT support  London-based IT consultancy, look no further than Purple Lattice, an expert IT consultancy London company.

We’re in Ealing, so we’re just a tube ride away from stations such as Aldgate, Bank, St Paul’s, Cannon Street, Moorgate and Tower Hill. Even if we can’t get to your City of London business quickly, we may be able to offer you a remote service by logging in to your network and dealing with your IT issue over the phone.

Our Microsoft- and Cisco-certified experts serve the whole of London, and we already work with businesses in the City of London. Our wide range of IT support services  & PC Support London services include dealing with spam, spyware and viruses. We’re also able to help your City of London business with wireless networking, installations, upgrades and repairs, and server support. We can build and maintain virtual private networks, too, which you can use to link your City of London office with any others you may have.

At Purple Lattice, we’re always on-call for City of London businesses and will pay you a visit at the drop of a hat.

Call Purple Lattice IT support today on +0 333 666 999 2 or email us here and tell us more about your City of London business.