Business continuity

Business continuity is pretty important stuff. It’s all about keeping your critical business functions available to your customers and suppliers. The more uptime you have, the more business you can do.

Email continuity

So, your email server has crashed. You can’t send or receive emails. What now? Periods of email downtime can severely disrupt your business. Luckily, you’ve got Purple Lattice’s bag of tricks on your side:

Automatic activation

As soon as your server goes offline, your email continuity server is ready and waiting for you to begin working on it – so you don’t lose any emails.

Keep working

Log on to a remote cloud system and continue to send and receive emails until the servers come back online.

Proactive email

Keep up to 90 days of email history within the remote system. You can reference sent and received emails. Say goodbye to lost email.

Data continuity

With our online backup solution, you can carry on working even when your server is down, by logging on to the online backup server. Neat, eh?

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