Company practice

Being a responsible business that always tidies up after itself and never goes to bed late, we’ve got a few systems in place to make sure you get the best out of us.

For you, the customer

  • Software that proactively monitors your systems
  • Software that monitors employee time on each job. So we never overcharge.
  • Systems for monitoring customer feedback, like the net promoter score. We always like to know how delighted you are.
  • Regular discussions about your likes and dislikes, and whether you take milk with your coffee. Any quirks? Do you like trainspotting? We like to get to know you.
  • Learning from our mistakes.


Technology is ever-changing. Working in IT support, it’s obviously key to keep on top of new developments. At Purple Lattice, our staff can train you in new systems. We’re flexible – tell us what you need and we’ll tailor things for you. Full day, half day, an hour or two with biscuits. Let us know.

We also use test servers that hold all the features of your production server so that we can test and debug scripts and code. This will save you money and ensure a watertight system.


At Purple Lattice, it’s our policy to recruit based on personality first and technical knowledge second. We interview in large groups to assess candidates’ people skills and to ensure that our employees have fully developed brains – not just the logical side.

Read our company philosophy here

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