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A guide to becoming an IT Consultant

May 24th, 2018

  If you are someone who enjoys working with Information Technology (IT), and you like to work with different people and solve unique problems on a daily basis, you may be interested in working as an IT consultant. If you take this career path, you can work for one of the many consulting companies in the UK (or around the world), or you can work for yourself. But do you have the attributes required to be an IT consultant? What qualifications will you need to attain? Read on to discover everything you need to know.   The responsibilities of an IT consultant   Firstly, it is important to understand the responsibilities involved in IT consultancy, so that you can determine whether this is a career that is suitable for you. As an IT consultant, you will be expected to… – Meet with clients to determine their requirements – Assess IT requirements and provide objective and independent advice – Define network, hardware and software requirements – Identify potential clients and maintain good relationships with existing clients – Be involved in IT support and sales where appropriate – Organise training for users – Prepare documentation, including progress reports – Design, test, install Read More

A guide to leveraging Office 365 & Hosted Email for improving your business

May 24th, 2018

A guide to leveraging IT security for improving your business

May 24th, 2018

  IT security is emerging as one of the most important considerations businesses must address as more and more of the workspace involves information technology and digital content. Every transaction and communication that happens online can be intercepted and/or exploited by people who hack into systems or unleash viruses that steal data. IT security involves the measures we can take to protect our data and that of our customers, and its importance in the modern world can actually be leveraged to improve overall business performance.   A fundamental component of business   Research has shown that a large number of prominent executives in global business prioritise cybersecurity as one of the paramount IT considerations. But while CMOs are a component of driving digital growth for many organisations, a lot of them have a habit of overlooking the security department. They want to enhance the customer experience as much as possible but show a reluctance to involve themselves in decisions around cybersecurity, and so many IT services focus on security procedures that are simple and largely invisible to online shoppers. Simplicity is a consistent requirement of the online retail sector, but the invisibility of security procedures seems to be giving way Read More

Local IT support company vs. national IT support company ?

April 26th, 2018

When you’re looking for an IT support company, you’ll often find yourself making a choice between a large national firm with an established brand and a local alternative. While it can be tempting to select the IT services company you’ve previously heard of without considering any other options, it’s actually well worth taking a little time to consider alternative options. In many cases, you’ll find that a local IT support company is able to give you faster, better and more attentive support than a larger national rival. At your beck and call We’ve developed a reputation for going above and beyond to assist our customers when they require IT support services. Whether that’s being there to answer your questions when they arise or helping you recover from an IT disaster as soon as it happens, you can be certain that we’ll provide exceptionally high-quality IT support in London. Our reputation for excellence is hard earned and we always go the extra mile to deliver great IT services to our clients. Distance and reliability are one of the main things that you’ll want to consider when you’re choosing between IT companies in London. Many large companies can only offer telephone support Read More