Anti-virus & Anti-spam Services

Anti-virus and Anti-spam Services 

Benefits of cloud-based antivirus and anti-spam services from Purple Lattice


Purple Lattice provide the professional IT support required to keep every business up and running at all times. Cloud-based antivirus and anti-spam services help to cut your exposure to threats like phishing, ransomware and malware. No matter how many network monitoring and web filtering tools are already in place within your current IT infrastructure, the addition of anti-spam and antivirus in the cloud adds further support and helps prevent these threats at their source, enabling your network to function normally at all times.


Inbound email filtering anti-spam, antivirus and malware protection


Cloud-based anti-spam and antivirus services from Purple Lattice give you the added mechanisms that are unavailable in typical email filtering systems and these help to accurately detect threats and malware attacks. With standard email filtering, you will generally have features like real time block lists, recipient verification systems and sender policy frameworks, as well as tools to set your own thresholds for acceptable spam. Our antivirus solution features grey-listing, which means that any emails received are sent back to originating servers with requests for the message to be resent, a procedure which generally only takes about a minute but helps identify spam emails. Sub URL filtering is an added feature which checks the URLs within emails that have passed through the grey-listing procedure looking for any URLs that have been sourced in previous spam. The Sub URL filtering process helps cut possibilities of workers being victims of phishing.


Our antivirus software helps increase the detection of malware, using a dual defense mechanism.

Directory harvest attacks (DHA) and Denial of service (DoS) protection


Directory harvest attacks (DHA) are a form of spamming where the attacker collects potentially valid email address by use of force using a dictionary attack. Your cloud-based email filtering system cuts out these forms of spamming by way of the solutions noted above. Denial of service (DoS) attacks are a form of cyber attack where host servers are inundated with internet requests which will overload the system and prevent it from operating normally. Your antivirus and antispam services from Purple Lattice IT consultancy provide real time protection against these forms of attack.

Signature-based virus, phishing and spyware detection and blocking


As stated above, our cloud-based antivirus and anti-spam service offers you a layered solution as a defense against threats to your system infrastructure. These additional solutions protect your business against viruses that are signature-based, incursions from spyware and phishing. The advanced tools combined in our antivirus and anti-spam solution will detect and prevent any attacks on your system before they cause infection, ensuring your business operations continue as normal and you don’t have any problems at all with downtime.

Real time (zero hour) virus, phishing, spoofing and spyware detection and blocking


Our antivirus and anti-spam service provides your business with the confidence you need in the security of your incoming and outgoing web operations. Real time virus protection and recipient verification systems help ensure protection against attacks as they will detect them before they occur.


Outbound email processing


Standard email filtering also helps provide assurances that outbound emails receive essential protection, too, via our sender policy framework.

Email encryption


The security of your outgoing files and emails is also assured via our email encryption add-on, this helps maintain your GDPR compliance by assuring outgoing mail and files are secure throughout transmission to intended recipients.

And finally, when you opt for Purple Lattice antivirus and antispam services you can also rest assured that you will benefit from our comprehensive, professional IT support services at all times. This makes it far easier for your existing IT team to progress ongoing support within your business, without needing to worry about any issues arising from your antispam and antivirus protection.

When you want to assure essential protection against incoming threats and attacks via email or existing infrastructure, our comprehensive antivirus and anti-spam services on the cloud give you the confidence you require. Hacking, intrusions, malware, spyware and similar threats are increasingly prevalent in the contemporary business arena. Any savvy IT consultants or organisation will ensure the most up-to-date protection is in place to cut risks beforehand, rather than face the upheaval and cost implications caused by computer downtime. Get in touch with Purple Lattice IT consultancy in London today to find out more.

To Conclude:


These days, it’s all cloud this and cloud that. It’s pretty overcast up there. But every cloud has a silver lining and this is yours: putting your antivirus up among the jet trails frees up your IT staff for better stuff, while your servers take a well-earned tea break.

The cloud can also help you scan your email before it hits your servers, so that you can forget about managing your antivirus and antispam solutions, which can also clog up your server’s resources.

Other benefits of cloud-based operations include reduced centralised administration and reliance on users. Storing your antivirus solution in the cloud requires only one update of its signatures. Much better than managing and updating individual software installed on several servers.

And then there’s spam. Spam can dramatically affect the available bandwidth for your Internet connection. You can beat this by filtering spam emails from legitimate emails in the cloud. You get the maximum available bandwidth using only the services your business requires.

With Purple Lattice, you get a complete solution that blocks unwanted spam email before it ever reaches your network.


  • Inbound email filtering (anti-spam, anti-virus and malware protection)
  • Directory Harvest Attacks (DHA) and Denial of Service (DoS) protection
  • Signature-based virus, phishing and spyware detection and blocking
  • Real-time (zero hour), virus, phishing, spoofing and spyware detection and blocking
  • Outbound email processing
  • Email encryption.


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