Company philosophy


Honesty and transparency are big with us. With you and amongst ourselves. That shines through in our company philosophy.

Employees come first. That might sound a tad odd, but employees form the foundation of any company. If our employees are happy, you will be, too.

Financial transparency. Yes, all our employees get to read the profit and loss accounts. That’s right, we all know how much we get paid. Novel, eh?

Consistent feedback. We like to know how our employees feel about working in the company. Constant communication, formal and otherwise, does the trick.

Respect. We treat people how they’d like to be treated around these parts. It’s a philosophy that we extend to our customers. So, pop in. There’s a choice of biscuits.

Freedom. Freedom’s a big thing here. Yep, Purple Lattice is no boot camp. (Apart from the compulsory circuit training, obviously.) Everyone has the freedom to do whatever they think will solve a customer’s problem.

Responsibility. Take responsibility here and you get an extra Hobnob. Knowing how your words and actions might affect those around you means you can change your circumstances.

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