Guarantee 1) - Response Times

You can count on our reliability and in order to prove this we can offer a Money Back Guarantee for offsite and onsite response times. This provides ‘peace of mind’ to you, the customer that we will do our best to ensure that your employees are always responded to in a quick and efficient fashion.

As part of this Service Agreement, Purple Lattice shall credit the customer a set amount based on the non-compliance of response times. This is done on a per month basis.

Guarantee 2) – Keeping our Word

In addition to offering a financially backed guarantee for our response times, we also offer a monetary reward if we do not keep our word. If we say we are going to call you back in 10 minutes then that’s what we will do. We won’t make promises to you that we can’t keep. Furthermore, we encourage you to tell your staff about our Guarantees.

Guarantees applicable only during support hours.