Business continuity

More good news from the cloud comes in the form of offsite backup data storage. This is a secure, simple and cost-effective alternative to traditional tape backup.

The downside of tape backup is that it costs money and needs to be maintained by your internal staff or by an outsourced IT consultancy. Tape backups are also not the best for recovering key data in a hurry when there’s a crisis.

Today’s solution to this major issue is to keep backups offsite, in the cloud, with a trusted third party.

Purple Backup

With Purple Backup, you can store your data offsite. It’s automatic. It’s hassle-free. Just set it and forget it. You can schedule it and recover it easily if necessary. It’s quick, efficient and secure.

We can even set it all up remotely. One phone call does it all.

Purple Backup supports Open file backup, Exchange Server, MS SQL Server and Oracle Server Database backups. You can also back up data on the Windows, Linux and Mac platforms. Very few other backup applications can do what we do.


  • Scheduled backups
  • Data compression
  • Data encryption – SSL
  • Incremental backups
  • Backup data stored in two separate data centres
  • Friendly interface
  • File-sharing
  • Real-time remote access to data
  • Smartphone backup.

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