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Virtualisation and VMWare

What it boils down to is that virtualisation helps cut your business costs by enabling a software-based virtual representation of IT applications. This can apply to servers, networks or storage. It really helps enhance business agility while also boosting efficiencies. What’s even better for our clients is that it cuts the costs of IT considerably. Purple Lattice IT consultancy offer a superb, tailored virtualisation IT service to meet your needs exactly.


Why choose virtualisation?


Many of our business clients soon discover that their high-capacity X86 servers can only run one operating system. This generally means they need to deploy a variety of servers to meet processing and storage demands. VMWare gives you the ability to run a number of virtual machines from just one server, and increase efficiency, while also cutting costs.

Using virtualisation technologies means clients can run a host of virtual machines which can all be powered by just one server. These virtual computer systems allow the use of different operating systems and varying applications. All from just one physical server. What’s more, you will benefit from our professional and skilled IT support when you contract virtualisation services from us.

Benefits of virtualisation and VMWare


VMWare from Purple Lattice is the operating system that will expand your physical hardware and meet your needs.

Some of the principal benefits of virtualisation include:

– enhanced IT performance and capabilities
– greater resource availability
– automation of operations
– easier data centre management
– enhanced disaster recovery
– better business continuity
– minimal to zero downtime
– reductions to operating costs
– speedier provision of resources and applications

All the above benefits lead to greater agility and flexibility within IT departments. Added to that you can expect increased worker productivity and workload mobility.


More about virtualisation and VMWare


When you opt for our virtualisation services, an operating system called a hypervisor will be loaded to your physical server. This acts on the host hardware to provide an efficient separation between the host machine and the virtual servers and will allocate the required computing resource to any virtual server as needed.

Some of the features of our VMWare virtualisation service include:

Server consolidation


IT departments often struggle to meet competing demands of different servers within the company infrastructure. With virtual server consolidation, there is only a requirement for one physical server, as virtual servers will be created to allow the operation of multiple operating systems. This provides higher server availability and all the benefits noted above.

Technology planning and architecture design

One of the drawbacks of multiple physical servers is the complexity and server sprawl that can be created each time a new server is added to the infrastructure. Virtualisation technologies cut out all of this hassle and enable far greater control of planning and infrastructure design.


Proactive virtual server management


IT professionals soon find that managing the virtual server network is easy with the intuitive and simple virtualisation dashboards provided by Purple Lattice. Our knowledgeable IT services team are also on hand 24/7 to provide any additional input that’s required. This ensures your business remains up and running at all times.

VMWare support

Have peace of mind knowing your virtualisation service and VMWare is supported at all times by our London-based IT consultancy teams.


Ongoing software licensing issues can be problematic for some of our clients. Purple Lattice provides the stringent compliance service that ensures your business is never stung for compensation due to running higher numbers of licensed software than allowed.

Virtualisation support and consultancy


We provide the comprehensive virtualisation support needed via our dedicated consultancy team. This keeps your business up and running with virtualisation services at all times.

Virtualisation of networks

It’s possible to entirely reproduce a network which means that business operations take place on virtual networks in the same way as physical networks. With network virtualisation, clients are provided with the logical networking devices required, such as switches, routers, logical ports and firewalls, for example.


Desktop virtualisation


The virtualisation of desktops means IT departments can respond far more quickly to workplace demands for higher capability. It’s quick and easy to supply virtual desktops throughout organisations as required, whether to branch offices, overseas workers or mobile employees.

Get in touch with Purple Lattice today if you’re looking for a professional IT consultant in London with expertise in the supply of virtualisation services. We’re happy to discuss our services in more detail, any time.

In conclusion… 

OK, so virtualisation sounds just too much like jargon. But it’s basically making many machines out of a few, thereby maximising your resources and saving you time and money.

You’ll also save on hardware. In short, if your business uses several different kinds of servers, then virtualisation is for you. We’ll consolidate your active directory, email and file servers into fewer virtual machines. So you use your resources more efficiently.

Virtualisation increases your business efficiency while reducing costs. Talk to our VMware specialists about tailored solutions and other services such as:

  • Server consolidation
  • Technology planning and architecture design
  • Proactive virtual server management
  • VMware support
  • Licensing
  • Virtualisation support
  • Virtualisation consultancy


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