Vulnerability Assessment London

Vulnerability Assessment, London

Your business IT infrastructure is your company’s lifeline, so it’s important to carry out vulnerability assessments on a regular basis to identify any kind of business security risk your operation faces. It’s very often small businesses that are most at risk of losing data as a consequence of a breach, and vulnerability assessments provide key information that’s needed to fix the gaps within any IT infrastructure. We understand that many small to medium-sized companies don’t have the resources to employ their own in-house testing team and our service provides the detail needed for clients to understand and reduce cyber gaps and exposures which could lead to a security breach.

Get in touch with Purple Lattice today to find out how a one-off vulnerability assessment, or regular vulnerability management service, can help ensure the continued profitability of your business. Any business is severely affected by intrusion attacks: they can impact on your success, your business reputation and your bottom line profits. Our vulnerability assessment services are carried out by knowledgeable professionals with the expertise to identify the flaws and weaknesses in your IT system that could lead to potential unauthorised access and loss of important business data. We will schedule our assessments for times to suit your business needs and your day-to-day operations will be unaffected. Take time to call us today to learn more about how vulnerability testing helps enhance the security of your business.

What is a vulnerability assessment?

A vulnerability assessment examines your entire IT infrastructure for weaknesses, whether you operate your own system or utilise cloud-based systems. Vulnerability assessments identify any weaknesses and vulnerabilities in your system, allowing you to put the solutions in place that are appropriate. This is a key aspect of security for small businesses, and you can expect total professionalism when you instruct Purple Lattice to carry out vulnerability testing on your behalf.

The vulnerability testing is a process which scans your system for all weaknesses and flaws, this is coupled with expert analysis from the in-house professionals at Purple Lattice to identify the weaknesses which are likely to cause most severe impacts on your daily operations. Our comprehensive reporting helps you understand exactly how these weaknesses could cause damage to your business and exactly what likelihood there is that these vulnerabilities could be exploited.

Where your IT infrastructure is essential to your daily business operations, vulnerability assessments help you manage security risks much more easily. Vulnerability assessments are an affordable security testing option that can help enhance security for businesses. With GDPR now live, there are steep fines for data breaches and our vulnerability assessment service is one step closer to being compliance and more importantly protect business key data.

GDPR and our cost effective vulnerability scanning service

With GDPR now enforced across UK and the rest of Europe you need to implement a number of security measures and controls on your business, such as:

  1. Assigning a Data Protection Officer
  2. Inventory of all personal data processed
  3. Data breaches notification within 72 hours
  4. Data protection by design and by default
  5. Data privacy impact assessments
  6. Fines of up to €20 million or 4% turn over

Article 32 of the GDPR says that …the controller and the processor shall implement appropriate technical and organisational measures to ensure a level of security appropriate to the risk… and our vulnerability management service is one step closer to comply with this. We help you to identify where weaknesses exist that could be exploited by attackers.

Affordable vulnerability assessments in London for SMEs

Where affordability is a consideration, our IT consultancy in London provides the most complete vulnerability assessment to meet the needs of smaller businesses and identify the flaws inherent in your systems. You can expect vulnerability scanning from Purple Lattice to investigate every single aspect of your network, whether that’s your CEO’s laptop or the servers used by your organisation. This way you can rest assured that every vulnerability is picked up by our experts and our market leader scanning solution.

Vulnerability assessment, London

If you’re looking for a professional vulnerability discovery service our expert cyber security support in London can handle your requirements. Purple Lattice is committed to providing every client with the tailored and accurate service that’s required by fast-paced growing companies. We conduct thorough vulnerability assessments of all IT infrastructure, web applications, web service APIs and mobile applications utilised by the business, to give you the assurances you need about the security of your systems.

Vulnerability Management Service

Our Vulnerability Management Service consists of a variety of accurate internal and external scan audits throughout your entire range of network systems, databases, server infrastructure, applications and any other assets, whether your system is located on site or within a cloud environment. Our dedicated and knowledgeable team will fully manage the scanning service, cutting out any administrative or maintenance burdens for you. This way you can focus solely on protecting your assets and reducing the associated business risks.

From the moment you instruct Purple Lattice to carry out your security testing, you can be sure you’re in good hands. We will remain in constant contact with you throughout the entire process and provide you with a comprehensive risk report.

We provide internal and external vulnerability assessments that can provide you with the cyber security assurance you need to ensure your business continues to operate at successful levels.

What does the Purple Lattice vulnerability management system provide?

Our managed vulnerability management system offers the following:

• A detailed breakdown of hosts scanned and all the vulnerabilities we discovered, ordered by severity and potential risk to your business. This breakdown is tailored to meet the needs and risk profile of all individual clients.
• Maintenance of policies on log correlation engine
• Updates and patches for all the components of solutions provided
• Access to our Security Centre Console via your own dedicated portal

We will set up and configure all of the following:

• Nessus Scanners
• Cyber Run-Books – Workflows and SLAs
• Log Correlation Engine
• Passive Vulnerability Scanners
• Incident response
• Automation
• Weekly/monthly review meetings based on your individual needs and itinerary

Ad-hoc vulnerability scanning

We recommend a continuous process to scan for vulnerabilities on your systems so you mitigate risks more consistently however we also understand that you may have new services or products that as a business you are launching, and that your infrastructure changes as a consequence, and for that we also offer cost effective ad-hoc vulnerability assessments.

Upgrading to penetration testing

If you decide to opt for our addition penetration test, we will conduct the vulnerability assessment as above and then provide the external or internal pen testing on a regular basis to allow you to manage known risks in a successful manner. Penetration testing gives you enhanced security testing to meet more complex business environmental and social engineering needs.

Our penetration testing helps you to minimise the security risks to your business and all your stakeholders. With penetration testing, you achieve a far better understanding of the cybersecurity risks faced by your business and the form that any attacks on your business may take.

Purple Lattice vulnerability assessment services in London 

Take the time to browse our website fully so you can achieve a greater understanding of the benefits associated with partnering with us. Our professionalism and expertise help you identify all weaknesses in your IT infrastructure when you instruct us to conduct vulnerability assessments on your behalf. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need further information; we’ll be more than happy to speak directly with you.


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