Websnooping policies and the IT user

April 24th, 2012

The Government’s proposals to increase the monitoring of digital communications and the data held about all of our web activity is certainly cause for concern and deserves a good level of scrutiny. At the moment there aren’t any firm details of what they are proposing. We heard earlier in the week that they want to collect details of browsing activity and email communications. But there weren’t any technical details released that outline what data they want retained or who will be responsible for it. It appears that the proposals are to collect “header data”. I.e who or what you are communicating with and not to hold the actual content. The argument being that the information is already available for phone calls so it should be for Internet activities. All in the name of keeping the terrorists at bay. Besides from the creeping privacy concerns there are serious questions that need to be answered about how the data is going to be maintained and whether collecting it will actually achieve its aim. I don’t know about you but I send far more emails and browse far more websites than I make calls in a day. Presumably it is going to fall Read More

VMware Support, VMware Consultants in London

July 20th, 2011

A new addition to our services is that of VMware consultancy. We now provide VMware services to medium sized businesses within the London area. Our VMware support team are experienced in assisting you in a variety of solutions including: VMotion® VCentre® DRS Our VMware® consultants can ensure that you’re harnessing the full power of VMware®. We  will provide your business with  maintenance services which will keep your network running smoothly and efficiently. In addition to that, if you have never used VMware before and want to get moving then we can hold your hand from start to finish. Please click here for more information on our VMware services We also offer a full VMware and Virtualisation support service, click here to request details

Hosted Exchange added to list of Purple Lattice Services

June 17th, 2011

Purple Lattice is proud to annouce that it is now offering  Hosted Exchange Services as part of its IT support offering. Many of our customers love the benefits of such a service and prefer to outsource this to us. We have signed a partnership agreement with customer service king Rackspace who will provide the infrastructure for the service. For those of you that do not know, hosted Exchange is just an email server in the cloud. There are many benefits to such a setup mainly 24×7 support, regular backups and monthly contracts. Hosted Exchange is a viable option for business users that want the powerful features of a corporate email system but do not want to pay for the high licensing costs of  the server, purchase the hardware and maintain it. Business users can also benefit from the smartphone synch features of a hosted Exchange system whereby they can have an exact copy of their Outlook inbox on their phone. If you are interested then just call 0333 666 999 2 and ask to speak with Daniel or any one of our technicians.

Purple Lattice Competition – Customer wins iPad 2

June 6th, 2011

A while ago we ran a competition for our customers. The first prize was an iPad2 together with some fancy iPod speakers as runner up prices. Another 12 customers received a bottle of wine. The lucky winner was Charles Pearce who runs a property design and development business based in Chiswick. He received his prize last Saturday and was full of enthusiasm at the prospect of playing er… I mean working with his new prize. I would just like to thank all the participants for entering the competition. Daniel Purple Lattice Solutions Ltd