Penetration Testing London


Penetration testing London

Hacking no longer concerns just big business. Over half of SMEs have identified breaches in the last 12 months, and Purple Lattice is meeting the demand for a service which identifies and thwarts online security threats.

Penetration testing services from Purple Lattice offer the twin benefits of unrivalled expertise and a commitment to the most comprehensive solutions available; helping to secure the online homes of organisations large and small.

Preventative beats reactive

At Purple Lattice, we believe in the power to prevent. Only by fully understanding the threats and weaknesses which could lead to a security breach can reliable security be achieved. If you are serious about protecting your information systems and data, trust our penetration testing to provide security cover at all levels, thanks to the realistic attack scenarios which we are able to create.

Penetrating testing – how does it work?

We begin each project with a blank canvas, in order to provide a truly tailored approach which allows us to apply the most realistic testing for the online infrastructure of each client. The penetrative testing services which we provide are designed to understand how certain types of malicious attack can be detected, simulate a successful attack, and assess the ability of an organisation to respond to them.

We believe that the best penetrative testing solutions are comprehensive in their nature, and as such, a penetrative testing package from Purple Lattice covers a range of areas; from infrastructure to applications, social engineering and hosting elements such as your network and server.

What are the benefits of penetrative testing?

Penetrative testing makes sense on a number of levels – from the security and efficiency of your IT infrastructure itself to the many business advantages which you can expect. With our penetrative testing services in London, you can benefit from:

– Risk management

By identifying and proving vulnerabilities in its specific environment, an organisation can bolster their defences in a considered and unrushed manner, and manage risks more effectively. Regular penetration testing allows for a higher level of risk management than would be possible when making reactive updates to an environment, based on breaches which arise.

– A deeper understanding

Penetration testing can provide a clear and in-depth understanding of a cyber security environment. After all, if you don’t know your organisation’s environment, how can you hope to negate hackers who have gained their own understanding? A series of tailored penetrative tests conducted by Purple Lattice gives you the opportunity to truly appreciate what is going on in your workplace and identify exactly the type of cyber attacks which have the potential to be successful if not addressed.

– Exposes weak spots

Penetration testing offers you the chance to expose weaknesses which you might not have been aware were there. This can include backdoors into your network which give hackers the opportunity to engage in a number of illicit activities. With vulnerability assessments alone, sometimes these kinds of threats cannot be properly identified.

– Minimise risk for stakeholders

Organisations have a responsibility to every person who you hold personal data for within your cyber environment; be it a customer, business contact or partner. In the wake of GDPR regulations, which took effect in the UK in May 2018, this responsibility has never been greater, and failure to meet GDPR requirements could land companies and individuals with significant fines. Penetration testing allows you to minimise the risk of this information being compromised.

The right penetrative testing for your organisation

Our expert penetration testing team are adept at simulating attacks which expose security weaknesses which put your infrastructure and data in jeopardy. There are several different areas which our penetrative testing exercises typically focus on. They include:

– Infrastructure

It is essential to assess your infrastructure on a regular basis so that every vulnerability is identified, attacks have been successfully simulated and flaws addressed. Our expert testers at our IT consultancy in London will check that your infrastructure is ticking all the boxes in terms of integrity and confidentiality, with every element being as responsive as it should be. From your systems to your networks and network devices, we single out any real-world opportunities which hackers have to gain unauthorised access and in some cases take over your system completely. You can also rely on the Purple Lattice team to provide remediation guidance, once security flaws have been located and attacks have been successfully simulated.

– Applications

Penetrative testing can be vital in identifying security problems in web applications. Our expert testers assess your server systems and server-side programs and locate spots where there are insecure development practices hidden in the coding and design of software, before successfully exploiting them with attacks. We can also assess mobile applications and web service APIs, conducting comprehensive penetration testing. The applications you use can present opportunities to testers to exploit them, and penetrative testing from Purple Lattice, which brings together a team with knowledge of software development, is the best way to go about ensuring that these opportunities are minimised.

– Social engineering

Social engineering is a problem which has emerged, with employees being targeted through bogus emails. These are intended to encourage a click through which enables a backdoor to be created by hackers. It is a major threat to business environments and is capable of compromising both company and customer data. Our penetrative testing services can reveal just how vulnerable your organisation is to these kinds of phishing attacks, by successfully simulating them. We pinpoint weak spots and assess the extent of risk at every level, giving you a clear picture of whether your defences can stand up to social engineering attempts.

– Hosting-based

We assess your server, network and device infrastructure to identify the security weaknesses which offer a window of opportunity to hackers, and then exploit them with successful attacks. The size of your network, including any participating networks, will be an important factor in the nature of the penetrative testing used, and you will benefit from the reporting which details the attacks which have been simulated, the vulnerabilities found, and the type of attacks which you will be most vulnerable to in the future. Once we know the state of play in your existing network, we then go about providing you with the correct short-term and long-term remedial solutions.

Let’s talk about your cyber security

At Purple Lattice, we pride ourselves on our knowledge of the cyber security landscape, which is allied with our research-driven approach and unmatched passion for the sector in which we operate.

Our penetrative managed security testing is proven to deliver long-term business benefits by providing the information which can allow you to safeguard your cyber environment. The processes which you undertake are vital to ensuring the security measures which you use are sufficient to stand up to today’s malicious threats. We are able to understand the hacker mindset and use it to conduct testing which gives you priceless, real-world insights into how you can keep your organisation’s IT infrastructure as secure as possible. Trust Purple Lattice IT support in London to make the difference.

Purple Lattice are proud to defend our customer’s cyber environments. To talk through your cyber security requirements today, and to find out more about our penetrative testing services, call us today on +44 (0) 333 939 8080.


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