VoIP Telephony Services

VoIP Telephony Systems

Instant cost savings


Whether you do business with Birmingham or Bejing, the cost savings of moving to a voice over IP system are huge, especially when compared with the cost of running a traditional PBX system and equipment. With an on-site PBX, there are ongoing monthly expenses such as usage fees, call costs, maintenance fees and other costs. You also have to pay for replacement and additional equipment with capital expenditure. Our VoIP subscription plans greatly reduce these costs whether you are calling local or long distance, plus we include the cost of equipment in your subscription plan. We’ll also include a huge range of additional features that make call-forwarding, voicemail and disaster recovery a breeze. Can your existing PBX system do that?


Gain the competitive edge


Moving away from a traditional, on-premise system to a hosted VoIP phone system doesn’t just bring improvements to the way you do business. By switching to a more agile, cost-effective, scalable and flexible communications system, you can provide a more efficient and reliable service to your customers and get the edge over your rivals. Oh, and your IT teams can also be freed up to focus on core business projects as we’ll take care of the day-to-day management of your hosted phone system.

Never miss a business call again


A phone that is never answered could be a lost customer or a missed opportunity. With a hosted phone system, you need never miss another call again. The beauty of VoIP is that it allows you to divert business calls to any number anywhere and at any time, from a single mobile to an entire team. This empowers sales teams on the road, helps you to manage the busy times efficiently and ensures your customers always get through.


Be big without the big costs


With hosted telephony in place, your business gains wings, no matter what its size. Small and medium businesses instantly appear larger due to call-forwarding capabilities. You’ll also gain access to a number of complementary features that empower individuals and teams wherever they are, such as call recording and video conferencing. All of these features and more can be used in the office and when you are on the road, working from home or the coffee shop. We specialise in VoIP telephone systems for small businesses and would be delighted to show you how you can grow your business faster simply by switching to a new phone system.

Make better business decisions, faster


Just as the point-of-sale system overtook the simple cash register, VoIP is a dramatic improvement to traditional phone systems. This is especially apparent when you see how much valuable data a hosted telephony service gives you. Being able to visualise your real-time call data can help you to see what business operations are working best, how employees’ time is being spent (or wasted) and how to shape your teams to the best advantage of your customers and business. The result is improved efficiency, happy customers, productive staff and more revenue.


Effortless installation


The best thing about switching to a VoIP phone system, besides the productivity benefits and cost savings, is the ease of installation. There are no wires to worry about and your old “spaghetti junction” patching panel will be a thing of the past. We’ll take care of everything for you, including the supply of all new phone equipment, and manage your system. No matter how many employees you have or how many locations you work over, we’ll get you up and running quickly. As one of the industry’s leading VoIP providers, we’ll work closely with you so that we understand your existing business challenges and help to solve them with our agile, cost-effective and flexible telephony solutions.

Get ready for a digital future


The world is becoming increasingly more digital. By moving to more agile and feature-rich solutions now such as VoIP and cloud computing, you can easily scale your business to cope with demand, address the needs of your customers and leapfrog your competition. Our services allow you to take advantage of the cutting-edge technology that will enable you to grow your business and operate more effectively and all while enjoying significant cost savings. What’s more, we also free up your IT teams from the often complex management of a legacy PBX system.

In conclusion

How would you like to make telephone calls clear as a bell over your existing broadband connection with low call rates starting at just a penny?
Yes, of course you would. And that’s what Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is all about. With VoIP, you can eliminate phone calls and long-distance charges and enjoy rich features and superior-quality calls. In fact, it’ll feel a bit like your co-chatterer is right there in the room with you – even though they might be 6000 miles away.

Hosted VoIP

With a hosted VoIP service from Purple Lattice, you’ll feel like a VIP. Your business can move away from traditional PBX systems and integrate your voice and data communication into a single converged IP network. In short, you get to use rich, full-featured telephony applications without needing an expensive telephone system on site.

Let’s not get too technical, but, with VoIP, your IP phone converts the voice into digital packets for transmission over the internet. The call is fully controlled by our Hosted VoIP system and securely transferred over the Internet. Call another IP phone and the call is free, provided the IP phones stay within our managed Internet network. This means that, if you have several offices around the world, internal calls will be free. That’s the kind of price structure we like.


Better voice quality

With VoIP calls, you need fewer telephone lines, there’s no need for costly equipment and you get better voice quality with Polycom HD phones that are just bursting with features. IP telephone solutions can also change as your business changes, with users added and moved with ease.

Standard features include cool stuff like music on hold, ring groups, hunt groups, call forward, call transfer, call logs and even three-way calling with some phones.

Still unsure? You can even try VoIP before you commit to buy, to make sure it’s spot-on for your business.


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