Voice over IP

How would you like to make telephone calls clear as a bell over your existing broadband connection with low call rates starting at just a penny?
Yes, of course you would. And that’s what Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is all about. With VoIP, you can eliminate phone calls and long-distance charges and enjoy rich features and superior-quality calls. In fact, it’ll feel a bit like your co-chatterer is right there in the room with you – even though they might be 6000 miles away.

Hosted VoIP

With a hosted VoIP service from Purple Lattice, you’ll feel like a VIP. Your business can move away from traditional PBX systems and integrate your voice and data communication into a single converged IP network. In short, you get to use rich, full-featured telephony applications without needing an expensive telephone system on site.

Let’s not get too technical, but, with VoIP, your IP phone converts the voice into digital packets for transmission over the internet. The call is fully controlled by our Hosted VoIP system and securely transferred over the Internet. Call another IP phone and the call is free, provided the IP phones stay within our managed Internet network. This means that, if you have several offices around the world, internal calls will be free. That’s the kind of price structure we like.
Better voice quality
With VoIP calls, you need fewer telephone lines, there’s no need for costly equipment and you get better voice quality with Polycom HD phones that are just bursting with features. IP telephone solutions can also change as your business changes, with users added and moved with ease.

Standard features include cool stuff like music on hold, ring groups, hunt groups, call forward, call transfer, call logs and even three-way calling with some phones.

Still unsure? You can even try VoIP before you commit to buy, to make sure it’s spot-on for your business.

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