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IT Tips for Business Owners, Tip 7- Leverage VoIP Technologies

Small and medium-sized businesses are making the switch to VoIP at an ever-increasing rate. A decade ago the discussion was around how to include an element of VoIP in your communications system but this is the digital age and technology is increasing in both effectiveness and efficiency. Are you getting the best out of your VoIP? Are there additional features that you can leverage to help improve both business functionality and your user experience? Here are some handy tips on how to make the most of your VoIP system.

Turn on the Find Me/Follow me function

If you’re constantly on the move then this is a must. Find me/Follow me creates a list of numbers you can be found before a call moves to voicemail. Your office phone might ring three times but then on the fourth your mobile phone rings, and on the sixth your home phone. Only when your list of numbers is exhausted does the caller get passed to voicemail.

Voicemail to email transcribing

Gone are the days of desperately scribbling down addresses and contact numbers. Simply have the technology transcribe voicemails and then send them to a preferred email account. Simple.

Call screening

This is often overlooked but is a necessity for every company. You should be able to disconnect pushy sales suppliers and ensure that when your partner calls about tonight’s dinner arrangements that they’re instantly sent to your mobile.

Barge and Whisper

If there’s an element of coaching involved in your business, or you have a new starter then ‘Barge’ and ‘Whisper’ are an ideal part of the VoIP network to utilise. ‘Barge’ allows you to listen in on a phone conversation between your colleague and a caller. This can be done with or without your colleague’s permission and makes it ideal for monitoring new starters. ‘Whisper’ allows you to listen in and talk to your colleague without the client being able to hear. Excellent for cascading sales tips from experienced staff to newbies in real time.


The future is already here. When someone calls your business they should be greeted with an impressive auto-attendant. Intelligent software that behaves like a cyber-receptionist giving your business that glossy professional sheen.


Many businesses are aware of the conference call as part of the VoIP network, but many do not take the time to learn the features. Be sure that you understand how to mute others, invite clients and share files with ease. Whilst it is easy to get overwhelmed with features it is important to really leverage the powerful implications of using conference calls properly.

These are just a few tips around some of the features you might have missed. It takes a while for users to fully grasp the applications of new technology and to leverage them effectively. You may want to consider re-training staff if you feel that you’re not making the most of your VoIP experience.