IT Support Costs

Please call us on +44 333 666 999 2 or use our contact us form to obtain a more detailed quote. The prices are based on the size of your network and how complex we think the type of work required might be. And, in keeping with our ethical, transparent policy, you will never be charged unexpected fees.

Rolling Monthly Contracts

Avoid getting tied into long IT Support contracts that do not give you the service you require. With a rolling monthly contract option we take a more customer focused approach to our business. Since the majority of the time you are not locked into an annual contract we often do more to keep you happy.

Unlimited queries

On top of that, you’ll get an unlimited numbers of queries raised, even on our Bronze package. You’ll also get proactive software that tells us about the state of your network, so we can act quickly if there’s a problem.

And if there’s a problem that’s out of your contract? You’ll receive preferential hourly support rates.

Ad hoc support

The service you need, when you need it. That’s what our ad hoc support option is all about. You get the same technical expertise, the same responsive service and the same peace of mind as our contract customers.

What you don’t get is the fixed commitment. Simply call us when we’re needed to meet a specific business need. Ad hoc support covers any of our services – from planning and installation to on-going support.

Real value

The exceptional customer service our customers enjoy comes from our happy workplace. Staff at Purple Lattice are highly skilled and we like to hang on to them – so we keep them sweet. Which makes for a better experience for our clients.


Call Purple Lattice today on +44 333 666 999 2 or use our contact page to hear more about how you can benefit from our IT support expertise for SMEs.