IT Support Acton. Affordable PC Support Acton Services.

Looking for affordable IT support Acton Services, professional PC Support Acton companies or simply for genuine, expert IT consultancy Acton professionals? If your business is based in Acton, our IT and PC support is just around the corner in Ealing. Our Purple Lattice IT consultancy Acton team is just a few blocks away from West Acton, North Acton, East Acton and Acton Town tube stations.

We’re a IT support Acton consultancy offering great value for money and a range of flexible PC support Acton packages based on the size of your business and the complexity of your network.

Some of your specific IT and PC support Acton needs might be proactive computer maintenance; fixing slow and unresponsive computers; network support, or just email and Internet set-up.

We specialise in IT support for small and medium-sized enterprises because we’re an SME too. We put clients’ needs first and are also well aware that a good PC and network support company becomes your partner, as well as your trusted, friendly supplier.

It’s important for companies to form strategic partnerships with companies of a similar size. For example if you’re a large company like BP, you’re not going to partner with a one-man-band support company operating from home.

Similarly if an SME were to use a very large IT support firm then they would find it very hard to get the friendly, personal attention they need.

Partnering with the right sized company is great for both parties. Purple Lattice is big enough to cope with the demands of growing organisations and small enough to care. We’re the right size for London-based SMEs, particularly local ones as we can build up good relationships.

It’s tempting to think that all shapes and sizes of businesses are represented across the whole of London. But government statistics show that larger companies (over 250 employees) are concentrated in the centre and around Heathrow, with places like W3, W4 and W12 having a larger proportion of smaller businesses (fewer than 250).

If your company’s growth pattern means that you’re having to take on multiple premises, even for the short term, you’ll need to be able to connect those offices together in a way that’s secure and reliable. That’s something we can help with too.

Being local, we are happy to come and fix faults at the drop of a hat. But we strive to put in systems that are inherently reliable, have built in redundancy and have the capacity to cope with your current and future needs. We find this delivers systems and platforms that break down far less often, which is good news for us and for you.

Whether you are just beginning to take on staff or you have a couple of hundred staff already, you’ll find we’re able to understand your needs and put in place a package that works for you. Why not get in touch so that you can tell us about the problems you need resolved?

We already work with several businesses in the Acton and Ealing area with a range of IT support that includes help with little irritations such as spam, spyware and viruses. We can also help your Acton business with wireless networking; installations, upgrades and repairs; server support, and virtual private networks, which link remote offices.

We’re constantly on-call and can come out to your Acton business at the drop of a hat, or we can even offer IT and network support by logging in to your system remotely over the phone.

Call Purple Lattice IT support today on +44 333 666 999 2 or email us here and let us know more about your Acton business.